Guest Information

Club Policies

Cell Phones:

Cell phone use is limited to the locker room and is not permitted anywhere else in the clubhouse.


In accordance with Michigan State Law, smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse or on any patio where food is served. Berrien County regulation mandates you must be 25 feet from any entrance.

Dress Code Policy:

The Board of Directors has instituted a dress code policy which is to be observed by all members whenever they are on the Club's grounds or in the Clubhouse. The obvious exception to this policy is for the swimming pool area and tennis courts where proper and appropriate attire should be worn.

A dress code is always subject to interpretation; therefore, some guidelines appear below which should help members in their selection of attire. Simply put, the Board would like its members to dress in a manner that will not be offensive to other members and their guests whether on the golf course or in the clubhouse where various levels of entertainment occur.

Men: On the golf course (including practice areas)
Appropriate - Shirts with collars, turtlenecks, Bermuda length shorts, slacks
Not Appropriate - T-shirts, jeans or denim clothing, short shorts, shirts not tucked in

Women: On the golf course (including practice areas)
Appropriate - Skirts, slacks, shorts, appropriate golf shirts
Not Appropriate - Very short shorts/skirts, sleeveless shirts without collars, jeans or denim clothing, halter tops

Generally, any golf attire sold in our golf shop is appropriate. In the clubhouse: All the above attire acceptable on the course is acceptable in the casual dining areas of the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse Staff and Golf Shop Staff have been directed by the Board to strictly enforce these rules. We also ask that members inform their guests of the dress code policy. The Board certainly wishes to avoid embarrassing any member or guest and has directed the management and staff to be discreet and polite in enforcing the policy. However, members and/or guests who are not in compliance with the dress code will be asked to go to the golf shop and purchase more appropriate attire. If members are addressed by the staff for violating the dress code, they should remember that the staff person is only doing what is expected of him/her by the Board.